Generation Dilemmas

“Helping Older Generations Understand 

the Younger Ones & Younger Generations

Understand Themselves”


Enikő Bereczki

generations expert, youth expert

Generation Dilemmas

“Helping Older Generations

Understand the Younger Ones

Younger Generations

Understand Themselves”

Enikő Bereczki

generations expert, youth expert


  • A passionate educator, I have spoken about different generations, such as Millennials, Generation Z, X, alphas, Millennials & Gen Z in the workplace, multigenerational issues at work for events with audiences ranging in size from 10 to 1,500;
  • I have provided counselling to hundreds of young people and their educators, employers as well as parents. I pride myself in developing programming that is relatable, powerful, and action-oriented.
  • As a youth expert and author of several articles on youth oriented topics I have extensive experience in challenges of Gen Z and Millennials in Europe and beyond.
  • I’m also a college professor and adult educator, institutions including Mod’ Art International School.
  • I have worked in event/education management (Manager of Communication at Eotvos Lorand University, event manager at IBM).

Honors and awards include “Program of the Year” at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.


  • Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Workshops
  • Consultation for multinational company leads
  • Generational Differences Training: Millennials, Gen Z At Work
  • Millennials, Gen Z in Europe/Hungary: Consultancy for Expats
  • Off-Site Meetings
  • Conference and Programs for Professional Organizations
  • Consulting, Ideation, & Brainstorm Sessions


  • Generational dialogues at Workplace – How to understand each other better
  • Generation gap at workplace  – Problem or Challange?
  • How to grow up – Combating the Peter Pan Syndrome
  • Generation Z and Digital Identity
  • Understanding the Millennial and Gen Z Mindset
  • Parenting in the Digital Age
  • Managing Your Online Presence & Personal Branding
  •  Embracing Aging in the 21st century
  • Millennial Shoppers – How to reach them/ What Types of Content Do Millennials Seek?
  • Work-life Balance in the Digital Age


Intergenerational expert having studied the characteristics of generational shifts, having written and spoken about intergenerational issues and multigenerational workplace differences…


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“I have participated at several large-scale events for young people organized by Enikő. She is not only precise but can sensitively recognize the right themes attracting younger generations as well. Moreover, Enikő is also talented in bridging the gap between different generations.”

Péter Novák


” I met Eniko at ELTE, at the Open Doors Festival, she was the organizer of a roundtable discussion in which I participated. I was impressed by her devotion to the cause, empathy towards the members of the discussion and also by her creative solutions to the challenge of gathering people with differing world views and ideas who were able to discuss issues in a respectul and fruitful manner.  Eniko is brave in her choice of topics, brave in her choice of representatives of several issues, and pays attention to the need of engaging the younger generations, too.”

Krisztina Bombera

Journalist and Television Host, Producer, anchor and correspondent at ATV Hungary

“She is a highly creative journalist, blogger, who isn’t afraid of provocative themes either. Her posts and articles have reached hundreds of thousands readers through our pages..”

András Kalmár

Film director, Editor in Chief

“We needed to bring in a content marketer who could deliver high-quality articles for our websites and other internet marketing channels, and do this very quickly. Enikő did all that and more, in a very responsive, thoughtful and professional style. I can also happily recommend Enikő for any intergenerational projects (aiming Millennials, Gen Z), panels, or talks. She has done extensive research in this field and is well informed on the most current trends regarding youth. “

Michael Pátkai

Founder, owner , Tower International

“Enikő is an extremely professional copywriter. Her articles, posts are very original as well as creative ones and she is always on time. With years of experience as a youth expert she is coompletely aware of the latest generations’ demands and she is an expert of generational themes. Her presentaions provide clear guidelines to reach and cooperate with clients among Millennials and Gen Z. She is not only professional but also a fantastic person, a mother of 3 kids proving with his everyday work that nothing is impossible.”

Olga Békéssy

Founder, Executive Director, 21. századi kommunikáció

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